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ruppe family 1975This site is a community site for the Ruppe Family. It is also the central point for developing the geneology for the entire Ruppe family worldwide. The Ruppe's originated in Germany in the 1700s, and emigrated to the U.S - specifically to Tennessee in the 1800's. Much of the family is still located in Tennesse, but the family has spread to Oklahoma, California and other states in the U.S. and beyond.

The portion of the family that is administering this site are the ones that moved from Oklahoma to California in the mid 1940's - headed by Cecil and Vera Ruppe, and their seven children. They left the Wynnewood, Oklahoma area, and relocated to Southern California - in the community of La Habra (just east and south a bit from Los Angles, CA).

We welcome any other Ruppe's and related family members to help us build a complete geneology of the family. This site is dedicated to that effort, and is a central website for the family by which you can reach any of the members that are participating.

This site features our own GEDCOM (which is a database record of the Ruppe Family and related members) that is extensive and is continually in development.

Much of this site requires registration and acceptance by the Ruppe Family to review the content within the site, as it functions as a cental family website as well as a Geneology Site for the family. Therefore, if you are related to the Ruppe Family, we encourage you to register with us to gain further access to the site content.

We invite any Ruppe or related family member to participate, register for our Geneology Database, or review our existing database. You will not be able to contribute content unless you are registered, so please take a moment and register. Whether you are a family member or not, we invite you to register in our Guest Book to let us know of your interest in the Ruppe Family. When you register, we request that you provide us with some kind of contact information, and your full name, and how you are acquainted or related - or potentially related to the family - and we will contact you to explore this in further detail.

Please take a look at our site, and we hope to discuss your interest in further detail!

The Ruppe Family

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What's inside:

Extensive, ever-growing PhpGedView Geneology Database on the Ruppe Family and extended relatives and in-laws. Note, this allows only family members with a valid login to review or add data. Get a login here.



Family Forum - this is your place to ask questions, get or provide geneology information, or just chat with family members.



Guest Book - if you are a member of the family, an extended family member, distant relative or friend - this is where you can sign in and leave us a message.



Contact Us page - if you need to contact anyone in the Ruppe family, leave us a message here and we'll get back in touch with you - probably faster than you might think!




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